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Glassweb design modern, responsive websites for business. All our websites are modern and responsive.
A website is a great and cheap way to showcase your business and communicate with your customers. Websites increase sales and makes a business more attractive.

The Website Building Process

Glassweb's websites are built using Drupal, an efficient and secure CMS (content management system). To add content to your website, you may either add it yourself using our specialised, easy-to-use back office or you may send us the content and we will do it for you at little extra cost.

We prefer to use a Linux server for hosting our websites as this makes setting up the website quicker and also we can add an SSL cert at a low cost without heavy technical work involved.

Standard websites begin at €395

Making the most of your website

Websites will not perform well by themselves. Therefore it is imperative there is SEO work done on the website continuously after it is built to gain traffic, and convert that traffic to sales. A website won't be profitable without search engine optimisation. Currently, Glassweb offer free SEO work for one month after each website is built. To learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, click here.

Online Stores

We build online stores using Prestashop, a CMS specialised for online stores. This allows us to build your store quickly. Products can be added easily in the back office and each back office has it's own statistics dashboard where you can see first-hand how your store is performing.

Online stores can be a lucrative way to earn money for your business, especially if your existing website is performing well. Your Local Enterprise Office may provide a grant for small businesses to build an online store. To avail of this grant, you will need to provide quotes from multiple web design companies in your grant application. Feel free to ask us for a quote at any time, and should you choose us for the work we will offer quality service.

If you would like a specialised, detailed quote for an online store, feel free to contact us.

We strive to make sure our customers websites are built professionally at a competitive price. To find out more contact us - we are only a call away.


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About Us

Glassweb Design was founded by Eva Donlon in July 2017. Before starting the business, Eva designed a website for her music teacher and worked on other websites and social media pages for multiple businesses including Globe Metalworks and Outdoor Lighting Ireland. This has given her a solid grounding in the web design, SEO and social media management fields. Eva is self-taught and to date, she has completed many different courses, including Codecademy’s Responsive Web Design course, JavaScript course and HTML and CSS course and Google’s Digital Garage. Glassweb has designed CMS websites, optimised websites built on many platforms, ran social media campaigns and built online stores. Call today to learn more.