Outdoor Lighting Ireland

Outdoor Lighting Ireland is a great example of a website designed for class and elegance. Glassweb Web Design has given this website a facelift from its original outdated design. This website is fully optimised for Google Search Engine and features a chat form where customers can send emails quickly and easily directly to the owner.

Globe Metalworks

Globe Metalworks was given a facelift and much-needed SEO work by Glassweb design, including a new Recent Works category and a chat feature.


Waterteck is a great example of how SEO and a simple redesign can transform a website. Glassweb's recent SEO work on this website has pushed the website 7 pages up Google Search Results and driven traffic towards the wesbite.

Connacht Business Network

The CBN website is completely designed by Glassweb, featuring a Facebook plugin and a stunning clear portfolio page. This is a simple brochure website that advertises what the group does on a weekly basis

School Bag Racks

School Bag Racks has undergone SEO work recently which has increased the traffic to the site and sales for the business

Globe Stainless Handrails

Globe Stainless Handrails underwent some SEO changes and a change of domain recently so as to bring traffic to the site

RMG Plant HIre

While not fully finished, RMG Plant Hire is a good information source for potential customers about the company's services and clientele. Designed by Glassweb.

Harkin Stonemason

Glassweb designed flyers and set up a Facebook page for Harkin Stonemason


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About Us

Glassweb Design was founded by Eva Donlon in July 2017. Before starting the business, Eva designed a website for her music teacher and worked on other websites and social media pages for multiple businesses including Globe Metalworks and Outdoor Lighting Ireland. This has given her a solid grounding in the web design, SEO and social media management fields. Eva is self-taught and to date, she has completed many different courses, including Codecademy’s Responsive Web Design course, JavaScript course and HTML and CSS course and Google’s Digital Garage. Glassweb has designed CMS websites, optimised websites built on many platforms, ran social media campaigns and built online stores. Call today to learn more.